Exclusive Video Premiere: 22, “Sum of Parts”

When “Sum of Parts,” the latest video and single from the Norwegian outfit 22 hit our desks, the first sonically similar band that came to mind was Leprous… but then we noticed that the band is on tour with Leprous in Europe right now, so perhaps our opinions were swayed by the power of subtle influence. Maybe Muse? Nahhh… too easy/lazy of a comparison. Dig deeper, we thought. Biffy Clyro? Yeah, there’s definitely some Biffy influence here; upbeat rhythms, jangly guitars, pseudo-operatic rock vocals all within a shell that somehow feels heavier than the sum of its parts. Wait wait, we can still do better… Pure Reason Revolution! How’s that one for ya? Now we’re getting somewhere. Let’s just go with “all of the above.”

All that would be selling 22 short, though; they’re most certainly their own rock-based, vaguely proggy, somewhat poppy beast, and yes, they also somehow come across heavier than you’d imagine based on that description. The only real way is to find out for yourself, so listen below as you watch the brand new throwback video to “Sum of Parts.”

“Sum of Parts” is taken from the concept album You are Creating: Limb1; order and stream it here. The band recently inked a new record deal with Long Branch Records.

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