Rose Tattoo @ SWG3, Glasgow



Rose Tattoo @ SWG3, Glasgow

The Rock,n,Roll outlaws returned to Glasgow after a very lengthy absence, they packed out this relatively new venue and blew away a mostly elderly crowd.

Girlschool are support for this small tour and they were a perfect addition as the bands have been treading the boards and playing the same venues for a long time. Unfortunately for me the ridiculously early start time meant I missed nearly all of their set. To be fair I am not sure that this was a bad thing as their sound was awful and my first taste of this venue was not great.

Let me take you back a bit, Rose Tattoo started in 1976 with their debut being released in 1978…at this point I was an 11 year old who was mostly into punk. By 1979 my love for punk was fading and I was looking for something a bit more substantial, something with a bit more balls and with my entry into secondary school I was released into a world of new friends with older brothers and a fantastic taste in music.

I was immersed in Sabbath, Priest, AC/DC, Deep Purple and Rainbow. Now this was all eye opening but as I flicked through the albums at various huses I came across Rose Tattoo’s debut and repeatedly asked for it to be played until one day it finally was and I was instantly hooked. I did not know it then but the mix of rock and blues would shape my musical tastes to this day. I instantly looked at my meagre record collection and proceeded to bargain for a swap (do people even swap music these days?). If I remember rightly I had to give away two albums to get this and I still have it to this day.

Not long after getting this album we got the shock news that Bon Scott had passed away and at that point Rose Tattoo became my favourite band from Oz( For me AC/DC were never the same). So the plight of Australia was in this bands hands as far as I was concerned they never let me down(apart from the too infrequent visits to these shores).

2001 was the last time I had seen the band and with such an absence and to be fair…a not too young band my fears were that they would not be able to cut it anymore. That was thrown aside as soon as “One of the Boys” started. That AC/DC, Status Quo riff took me back and I was in heaven.

Straight into “Juice on the Loose” and that bluesy swagger is just as good today as it was all those years ago. We watched Angry Anderson sup from his bottle of Stones and we sang for all we were worth.

The band has obviously changed massively since those early days with no less that four previous band members passing away but the band on display tonight are on fire. The sound that built this band and my love for them was the slide guitar and Dai Prichard was immense.

Tonight was memory lane for me, pure unadulterated fun. We flew through all the classics, “Assault and Battery”, Rock’n’Roll Outlaws”, “Scarred for Life”, they were all there but for me when the slow drums started, the lazy bass and that laid back riff on “The Butcher and Fast Eddy” Started I could have been the only person there. I heard nobody or nothing for the full five minutes of this song. I sand, I boogied and I relived night after night, sitting in my room learning those lyrics. This always was my favourite song and tonight the rendition was perfect.

This band have been covered by some massive bands and their influence can still be felt today amongst new and old bands alike. They finish up with what would be their most famously covered song in “Nice Boys” and the night is over(at 9.15PM no less….what is that about?).

Going by the gaps between gigs over here it is easy to assume I will never see this band live again but tonight they left me with a lasting memory and they done themselves proud…and a gig I can be happy to say goodbye on(unlike the band who covered “Nice Boys” and died in my eyes earlier this year.

Images and words Ritchie Birnie.

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