@ACDC on @reddit BON SCOTT vs BRIAN JOHNSON: Who Is Actually Better? via /r/ACDC

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BON SCOTT vs BRIAN JOHNSON: Who Is Actually Better?

On both sides of the argument are ignorant people throwing claims at one another. I never see any civil discussions comparing and sharing opinions on these two. So tell me who you like better and why.

For me it's Brian. I love the shit out of Bon, but Brian has a cooler style, I think a better stage presense, and has had many evolving vocal styles throughout the years which the band played around. From his gritty/soulful voice of the early 80s, to his powerful raspy squeals of the 90s, he's sang so many different ways which gives different songs different identities and sounds. Brian always wears that newsboy cap and he just has a more signature and iconic look. He is a far better singer than Bon, even though his best days were behind him by the time the mid to late 80s came around, listen to him on the first 3 albums and listen back to his days with Geordie, he can sing his fucking balls off.

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