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Why POWERAGE Is Overrated

Powerage is always said to be "underrated" by many fans and what happens is they all decide to like it so they can be different (even though there is nothing wrong with liking Back in Black or Highway to Hell). Now something is only underrated if it isn't popular and isn't like by many, but that's exactly what it is, there are FAR more fans on this reddit and Youtube and even celebrity fans who claim it's a masterpiece.

Besides the album isn't that incredible. Certainly NOT AC/DC best album, and certainly NOT Bon's best album. Highway to Hell and Let There be Rock are better in every category the only one Powerage can compete in is lyrics. Riff Raff/Rock N Roll Damnation/Sin City/Down Payment Blues/What's Next to the Moon are all great! But the other 4 are either boring or completely inventive and a shameless use of old ideas, especially in Kicked in the Teeth's case, it's a rip-off or Whole Lotta Rosie and Let There be Rock. Rock N Roll Damnation even is just re-using ideas from Overdose and Bad Boy Boogie, however it is done a bit better than Kicked in the Teeth does it.

It's a good album but it doesn't hold a candle to the Mutt era albums or even The Razor's Edge. I put right with Flick of the Switch, a damn good album but one that isn't up there with the greats, The only difference is that you don't see people regarding Flick as one the best albums ever made.

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