STRYPER Guitarist OZ FOX Hospitalized In Las Vegas

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STRYPER guitarist Oz Fox has been hospitalized after reportedly "falling down" during his guest appearance at SIN CITY SINNERS concert Saturday night (August 11) at Harrah’s in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The news of Oz’s illness was broken by SIN CITY SINNERS’ Jason Green, who wrote on his Facebook page: "If you believe in a higher power or even if you don’t, please send Oz Foxsome positive vibes and prayers tonight. At the end of tonight’s SIN CITY SINNERS show, Ozfell down due to a medical condition. Scotty went with him to the hospital and Oz’s wife is there with him now. I’m told Oz is responsive and has good vitals. I will leave any other announcements or updates to Oz and his family, but I have been receiving several messages asking what happened. I performed with Oz earlier in the night, but was not there at the time of the incident. Oz is one of the kindest people and dearest friends anyone could ask for."

Oz’s wife, Annie Lobért, confirmed that the guitarist has been hospitalized, writing on Facebook late last night: "Major emergency prayer request! If you are up, please agree with me in prayer for healing for my husband. Oz Fox hospital emergency! Jesus, please help us!"
Fox and Lobért, a former prostitute and the founder of nonprofit organization Hookers For Jesus, made headlines in 2009 when they were married in a Las Vegas, Nevada ceremony broadcast live via the web.
Fox, who is also a devout Christian, told the Las Vegas Sun that STRYPER faced a lot of difficulties back in the ’80s when the group was first formed. "Being in a Christian heavy metal band, you have the opposition from both sides — the Christian and the mainstream," he said. "It’s hard to please certain people when they think you can’t mix Christianity and heavy metal together — or the image. Back in the day, it was spandex pants and Aquanet and face-makeup that made you look perfect. To a lot of Christians that was an abomination to God. On the other hand, on the mainstream side, they heard that we were Christian and they’d look at us and say, ‘These guys can’t be any good."
35 years after its inception in Orange County, California, STRYPER has spent the last several months touring behind a new album, "God Damn Evil".
The band is scheduled to kick off a short tour of Australia later this month, to be followed by two shows in Japan.

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