Trappist and Municipal Waste’s Tony Foresta Praise The Beer Goddess On “Hymn to Ninkasi”

If you’re a beer fanatic and a headbanger, you need to get into Trappist, the band who writes kickass metal all about beer. Would we call them “beer metal?” I don’t know. That evokes thoughts of big chugging groove metal. Point is, the band rules, and they fucking love beer and brewing.

Case in point, Trappist have just released a new track from their upcoming album, this one featuring guest vocals from Municipal Waste/Iron Reagan frontman and noted beer enthusiast Tony Foresta. The song is called “Hymn to Ninkasi”–but before you think it’s a tribute to the Eugene, Oregon’s Ninkasi Brewing Company (who, granted, make delicious beer), remember that thew brewery is named after Ninkasi, Sumerian goddess of beer and alcohol.

Yeah, the Sumerians had a beer goddess.  It makes you realize how cool gods used to be. Where the fuck did all of our booze deities go? What we need’s another flood.

Anyway, enough of my old man fantasies of seeing the world literally drowned in beer. Crack a cold one–hey, it’s five o’clock in Hell!–and jam on “Hymn to Ninkasi” below. Check out Trappist at Decibel’s upcoming Metal & Beer Fest this december, and pre-order Trappist’s new album Ancient Brewing Tactics here.

[via The PRP]

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