Polyphia Release New Song “O.D.” and Announce New Album New Levels New Devils

Instrumental progsters Polyphia teased “an exciting new direction for the band” when they dropped their latest single “G.O.A.T.” back in May, and indeed, the song had a distinct hip hop-like production element to it thanks to the production duo of Y2K (Killy, Yung Bans) and Judge (Migos & Mashmello, blackbear, Young Thug).

Polyphia just dropped another new one, “O.D.,” and it’s definitely in keeping with that production aesthetic: synth-y sounding drums with lots of fast, glitchy hi-hat hits, and a general sense of rhythm that just feels very hip-hop-y. I’m into it! I always like it when bands explore new directions, and the prog metal scene could really, really use a fresh infusion like this. A press release boasts that the band’s new album, New Levels New Devils, features a “rotating cast of accomplished hip hop and electronic producers,” so presumably we can expect not only some more interesting production but some diversity, too.

Both “O.D.” and “G.O.A.T.” will appear on New Levels New Devils, which comes out October 12th on Equal Vision; pre-order here. Also be sure to check the video we shot with guitarist Tim Henson in which he watches fan covers of the band’s music on YouTube.

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