We’re Getting a New Chthonic Album This October

Did anyone see Chthonic’s movie featuring Randy Blythe? All I got was the song from it, which, though entertaining, is no Taiwanese sci-fi action epic featuring Randy Blythe. Maybe I’m just terrible at keeping up with Taiwanese cinema.

Regardless, it appears that Chthonic has been working as hard as ever. The band announced today that it will release Battlefields of Asura, its eighth album and first full-length in five years, this October.

In keeping with the band’s grandiose style, the album includes not only Randy Blythe, but also famed Hong Kong Cantopop singer Denise Ho. Not only that, but the band had their new single, “Millennia Faith Undone”, remixed by five new artists including up-and-comers Unfamiliar Friends Party and Bison Country; those collaborations can be heard here.

All of which is to say, DAMN, Chthonic, you go hard! Between the album, the various collaborations, the movie, and frontman Freddy Lim getting elected as a Legislator in 2016, I have to wonder if you guys ever sleep. All metal bands should work this hard.

Anyway, check out a preview for Battlefields of Asura below. The album drops 10/10; we’ll let you know where you can pre-order it once we do.

Thanks be to Kelly Walsh.

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