Meshuggah and More Announced for 2019 Wacken Festival, 50,000 Tickets Already Sold

Being the talent booker for Wacken Open Air must be a pretty sweet gig. The festival has garnered such a reputation over what will soon be THIRTY years in existence that attracting bands can’t be difficult in the slightest; who WOULDN’T want to play? And the thing sells out like 11 months in advance every year, meaning most people buy tickets before ever seeing more than a few of the bands who will be on the bill (and in many cases, I’m willing to bet, without seeing any). Barring a colossal fuck-up in the talent booking department, that means your job would be secure pretty much no matter what. Plus you get to party in the German countryside with 75,000 other metalheads for three days. Cushy!

The 2018 incarnation of Wacken just finished yesterday — complete with nursing home escapees attending — and already 50,000 tickets for 2019 have been sold! It seems extremely unlikely very many of those 50,000 people knew that Meshuggah, Sabaton, Parkway Drive and a handful of other bands are scheduled to play in 2019 before securing their tickets seeing as that figure was released at the same time. Fuck, that’s crazy!

The lineup so far is below. Get your tickets here before they’re all gone.

Sabaton (20th anniversary show)
Parkway Drive
Demons & Wizards
Rose Tatoo
Within Temptation
Dark Funeral

[via The PRP]

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