Devin Townsend is Plotting Another Casualties of Cool Album

Is an upcoming reprise of Devin Townsend’s Casualties of Cool project one of the four albums he’s currently working on? Does it even matter? What did we do to get so lucky? Are you sick of these rhetorical questions yet?

Vocalist Ché Aimee Dorval, Devin’s partner in the chilled-out, folky, jazzy Casualties of Cool, has revealed on Twitter that she’s started working on a reprise to the duo’s 2014 self-titled debut. The progress of the album isn’t clear — a photo simply shows a home recording workstation with a microphone, which could be anything from laying down demos to finalizing overdubs — but a new Casualties album is coming, that much is certain.

I, for one, am stoked: I’ve enjoyed Devin’s non-metal work more than I’ve enjoyed his metal output of late, and in recent interviews he’s said he feels the same way. I like to hear him stretch out creatively, and any artist is going to put more energy into something they’re amped on as opposed to just going through the motions, a highly creative and ever-evolving mind like Devin especially.

Meanwhile, Devin is planning to release Empath, possibly a double album, in March of 2019. We’re going to be swimming in an embarrassment of Devin riches next year.

[via Metal Injection]

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