Video: British Game Show University Challenge Uses Multiple Iron Maiden Questions

Us non-Brits may be unaware that exists in the UK a quiz show called University Challenge. In case the name doesn’t give it away, the show is exactly what it sounds like: teams from competing universities engage in a battle of wits by way of attempting to answer trivia questions.

I mention it because on last night’s episode, three questions about Iron Maiden were posed to students from Downing College in Cambridge. They didn’t get any of them right… but I bet most of you will! The questions were (courtesy of…

  1. The five word title of which 1982 album appears in the book of revelations after the words here is wisdom let him who hath understanding count what?
  2. Four words that appear before Thy Kingdom Come in St Luke’s gospel form the title of which track from Number of the Beast concerning a condemned man?
  3. Which track from Number of the Beast shares its title with a 1960s television series filmed largely in an Italian village in North Wales?

And the answers, of course, are…

  1. Number of the Beast
  2. “Hallowed Be Thy Name”
  3. “The Prisoner”

You can watch video of Downing College’s deepest shame below… I’ve got it all cued up for ya and everything:

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