This Radiant Knife Track Slaps Hard

Here’s how I described progressive sludge band Radiant Knife when I highlighted them in our Unsigned and Unholy column in early 2017:

“Radiant Knife are what everyone thought Mastodon and Intronaut would evolve into circa 2007. The direction those bands ended up going in is fabulous, but for those who find themselves wishing for a wayback warp (with a time machine glitch that strips out most vocals), Radiant Knife hit the spot with their proggy sludge dirges.”

Today brings a brand new track from the Lafayette, LA outfit, and I’m happy to report that the qualities I so enjoyed about their music the first time around not only remain intact, but have grown and developed with time. “Wasted Minds” is the second track I’m hearing from the band’s forthcoming album Science Fiction, and it slaps just as hard as the first single, “Suffer Under God,” premiered via The Sludgelord last week. Those grooves! The proggy sludge riffs! The gruff vocals! And an occasional dose of keyboards for added atmosphere. All made by just two dudes! Digging it through and through.

Science Fiction comes out on August 8th; pre-order it via Bandcamp. Follow the band on Facebook to keep up.

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