Artist Endorsements: Legit Or A Sham?

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By Andrew Catania

You see your favorite artist endorsing a certain product, you think, if they endorse it, it’s good for you.  What you don’t think about is the behind the scenes with artists and the companies that seek their endorsement.

Companies will roll the red carpet out for top-tier artists.  They’ll usually offer them free and or signature products, but what else is offered to entice the artist to sign with them?

There are always rumors that companies will offer huge cash incentives to entice an artist to leave company A to come to Company B.  The artist will eventually advertise there with a new company and you should buy their product.

One has to wonder, was this switching of companies for a true belief that the new company has a better product, or was the thousands of dollars paid upfront to them the deciding factor?

One guitarist whom I won’t name recently switched guitar companies.  I asked him why the change? He said he felt it was time for a change and he liked the new companies product better.  What he failed to mention was the lump sum payment his new guitar company gave him to woo him away.

While most artist endorsements will have some various compensation to the artist for endorsed products sold and free product.  Artist do have to make a living and it’s important to have endorsements.  Do the large payments dangled in front of artists from companies that do those vers companies that don’t change your mind about the validity of product endorsements by artists?  Let’s hear from you!


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