Watch A Bunch Of Kiddos Surprise Ozzy With Their School Band Rendition of “Crazy Train”

In Ozzy Osbourne’s latest reality TV endeavor (and what could very well be his most wholesome pursuit to date), Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour, Ozzy and his son Jack indulge their self-proclaimed love of history by visiting historically significant locations aroun the world. The latest episode also featured Kelly Osbourne (and her dog), who had an obvious influence on the day’s activities, including: brunch with drag queens, a visit to Nashville’s biggest fashion designer, and a top-secret musical surprise.

You may recall this clip from 2012, which featured a bunch of grade school students playing Black Sabbath’s “Crazy Train” on various percussion instruments. Ozzy caught wind of this performance and was so inspired that he donated $10,000 to the Lousville Leopard Percussionists. “He was so kind to those kids,” Diane Downs, founder and artistic director for the Leopards, said of Ozzy. “The whole family was just wonderful. They’re not snooty rock stars, they’re just regular people.” While the family was in Nashville for the most recent episode of World Detour, Jack arranged for the Leopards to surprise Ozzy with their music in person.

There’s never been a more Ozzy moment than proclaiming “What the fuck is this?!” as he enteres a classroom full of kids rocking out to their school’s rendition of “Crazy Train.” He’s not able to keep up his Prince of Darkness facade for long, clearly blown away by the childrens’ enthusiasm for a song that’s probably four times their age. Watch the clip below, and/or watch the full episode on A&E.

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