And the Title of the New High on Fire Album Is…

Electric Messiah! Neat-o.

Matt Pike broke the news during a recent interview with DC Heavy Metal. After humbly asserting that Electric Messiah is “the best album we’ve ever done, by far,” Pike also revealed the following intel on the record:

“I think there’s ten tracks, eleven tracks. It depends cause there’s a bunch of songs, like I wrote a Sumerian anunnaki rock opera that actually is two songs but they’re separate tracks. And then there’s a lot of slash songs. There’s a lot of songs that– you know [how] Opeth will have like one song but it makes like three songs if you really think about it? It’s kind of a bunch of shit like that because we’ve had this conscious stream of riffs and we put it together. I like when I do High on Fire records to have a lot of interludes and weird shit going on so you never lose focus but it’s constantly changing. It’s a lot like, ‘Death Is This Communion’ is like that. There’s tracks that don’t have names but, they’re there. It’s just one stream of High on Fire consciousness and it’s fucking good, that’s all. I’m really stoked on that record.”

Pike previously said that the album will drop in September, but there’s still no official word on that. We’ll let you know when there is, natch.

[via Metal Injection]

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