Veld: It Would Be a Sin to Skip S.I.N.

Did you miss the release of Veld‘s S.I.N. (Spawned in Nothingness) last week? Hey, I get it. It was a long holiday weekend, the band isn’t all that famous, your kid wouldn’t stop whining until you fed it, blah blah blah. Shit happens.

But here’s the thing: you cannot sleep on this record. Not for nothing did MetalSucks debut the track “Hatred Forever Dispersed” back in May. It is an unrelentingly brutal album, and easily one of 2018’s strongest metal releases thus far. If there was a segment in Faces of Death where they beat baby cherubs to death with baby seals, S.I.N. would be the soundtrack. That cover art, of the lady vomiting her own tongue into a spiderweb all over her fingers? That’s a self-portrait of the artist after she listened to S.I.N. for the first time. That could be you! Don’t you want to vomit your own tongue into a spiderweb all over your fingers? DON’T YOU?

Do yourself a solid and listen to S.I.N. below. If you’re gonna be a dick and only give one song a chance, I recommend “Everlasting Hate,” both because of its relatable message and because it sounds like elephants on trampolines made of kittens. But you should really just take thirty minutes out of your life and listen to the whole album. It’s out now on Listenable. Get it here.

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