@Ironmaiden on @reddit First Time Listening to: Piece of Mind

First Time Listening to: Piece of Mind

Get ready for an essay…

Hey guys! Thought I might share a “first timer’s” thoughts on the albums as I go through their discography. I’ll start here with Piece of Mind, since it’s my most recent purchase. I can do the other ones if you guys want, but I bought Self Titled and Killers a while back and bought The Number of The Beast a couple months ago. Let me know. I’ve been juggling a few bands’ discographies. Anything to discuss this legendary band right? Also gives me something to do at work while I wait for work.

Where Eagles Dare:

What an opener, though I think Ides of March and Wrath Child are better (fight me). I love the way Bruce’s vocals work with the instruments during the verses. I’m pretty sure this song is about some battle during WW1, but I don’t know. These guys are pretty damn atmospheric with their music and that section at about 2 minutes in shows just that. Tell me that doesn’t sound awesome and I’d say you were brain damaged. My only gripe with this song is that it could honestly be a bit shorter. Regardless, it’s a killer song, no pun intended because I hate puns.


This is an interesting song. And not just because I don’t know what the hell it’s about, but it’s a roller coaster. There’s softer (which are beautiful) and heaver parts, but the mesh well together. The harmony that Adrian and Dave just before the 2:00 mark always gets me. Kinda like Where Eagles Dare, I think this could be shortened a bit, but still a good song.

Flight of Icarus:

Please tell me they play this in concert. Singing along to this would kick so much ass. Originally, I didn’t care for the chorus because of the vocals, but it’s really grown on me. Plus the song is about Icarus! Haven’t thought about that guy since I kicked his ass in God of War. This song was meant to be played in concert! Great song.

Die with your boots:

Would you believe me if I said this song had to grow on me too? It was the chorus again, actually the “pre-chorus,” but whatever. I’ve matured in the past 2 weeks and actually really like this song. Let me tell ya, the harmony section in between the solos is some of the best melodic stuff I’ve heard. So wish it went on longer.

The Trooper:

This has to be one of their hits. No question (Prior to starting this discography, I had only heard Run to the Hills, the Number of the Beast, and Wasted years). Do I even have to explain why this song is awesome? Singing along to this concert has to be one of the best moments of your life. That solo is the shit! Oh and that bass. That bass. So glad Harris leads this band. More bands need to turn it up.

Still Life:

I don’t know what the hell the beginning part of this song is lol. Sounds like it was recorded backwards as a secret message. This is actually one of my favorite Maiden songs, not just from this album, but in general. The build up in this song is done expertly. The verse riff has really catchy melody that I can’t get out of my head. I also swore Bruce was saying “MAD MEN” instead of “NIGHTMARES.” Then they fit in the Piece of Mind line, just when I was wondering why they decided to call it that. That last verse always get me to. The vocal harmony that comes on when he says, “hand in hand then we’ll” is so awesome. I guess this song is about some Lovecraftian book. As a Metallica fan, that put a smile on my face. Once again, a personal favorite, or favourite, you’re all British right?

Quest for Fire:

I get the feeling that this song is polarizing. But whatever, that chorus is pretty damn catchy. Was also surprised at how high Bruce’s voice could go in that first verse, but, then again, it is Bruce Fuckin Dickinson. Basically, this song had me at dinosaurs, but had me confused with the lyrics about people trying to find fire. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure humans weren’t around when dinosaurs were around. Probably based on a movie or book.

Sun and Steel:

Now don’t freak out, but this song just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t know why. It doesn’t over stay it’s welcome though, which is good, but a shitty thing to say. Sorry. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Just not my cup of tea I guess.

To Tame a Land:

GOD DAMN. Now let me tell ya, I’ve had this on repeat for the past week. Definitely up there in my favorites songs overall (not just Maiden). I read this one’s about a book where there’s some steroid spice on a desert planet. Someone snorts it or something and becomes all powerful. Cool sci-fi setting. The middle eastern feel creates this immersive atmosphere that serves the song well. The scales in different keys really add to the song too. The riff at just after 4:00 is so god damn awesome. Probably because the bass is so damn loud. Seriously, the mixing here is awesome. Makes me want to get a bass. Literally everything about this song is top notch. Best song on the album. Not up for debate either. Either this is a fan favorite or it’s criminally underrated. Now I got to decide which I like better: To Tame a Land or Hallowed be thy Name.


This is an awesome record. Not sure if it’s better than Number of the Beast, but damn is it close. Love the bass heavy production and harmonies. My highlights are To Tame a Land, Still Life, and the Trooper. Let me know what you think.

Album Rankings:

Undecided on if this is better than Number of the Beast so:

  1. Piece of Mind/Number of The Beast

  2. Killers

  3. Iron Maiden

Cover Art Ranking:

Kinda weak compared to the past 2:

  1. Number of The Beast

  2. Killers

  3. Piece of Mind

  4. Iron Maiden

TLDR: It’s awesome

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