Devin Townsend’s Next Ziltoid Album Will Feature Decrepit Birth Drummer (and YouTuber) 66Samus Paulicelli

We’ve known that Devin Townsend has been writing new music for his intergalactic, fart-fueled puppet metal opera series Ziltoid since at least February, when he revealed new tunes were in the works along with an accompanying mobile video game. Whether that’s one of the four projects Devin’s currently working on is unclear (probably?), but does it really matter? We either get four new Devin Townsend projects or we get five. The guy’s brain is clearly in overdrive right now.

Townsend dropped the following nugget on Twitter yesterday, revealing that Samus Paulicelli — Decrepit Birth drummer and funny metal YouTube dude — will be performing on the record:

The pairing of Devin and 66Samus obviously makes sense on a musical level (both are super talented… and Canadian), but it’s their shared sense of humor, always on the zany/weird side, that’s got me most intrigued about this collaboration. I can only imagine the amount and caliber of fart jokes that occur when these two gassy fellows get together.

Townsend will release Ocean Machine – Live at the Ancient Roman Theatre Plovdiv on July 6th, a live set featuring a full performance of his classic album Ocean Machine and set of greatest hits with the Orchestra of Plovdiv State Opera. Check out “Regulator” from that release below, and pre-order here.

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