Vandenberg: I’m likely to work with David Coverdale again

GUITARIST Adrian Vandenberg says he and Whitesnake principal David Coverdale have “pretty specific ideas” about working together on a blues album or acoustic tour.

Vandenberg and Whitesnake split after 13 years in the late nineties and the 64-year-old Dutchman is now touring the second album of his Vandenberg’s Moonkings project.

“We became very good friends over the years and you never know what might happen because we always had vague ideas – well, actually pretty specific ideas – about maybe doing a blues album or an acoustic thing or whatever,” Vandenberg told the White Line Fever podcast.

“Sooner or later it might happen but right now we’re really involved in … David in Whitesnake and me in Vandenberg’s MoonKings so this is probably not the time.

“But I wouldn’t be surprised if, sooner or later, we end up doing something together in some kind of format.

“I was in Whitesnake for 13 years, which is quite a long time. I still hold the record, I think.”

Vandenberg says his involvement in the band ended when it was put on hiatus and he was unable to rejoin when Coverdale decided to reactivate Whitesnake.

“David wanted to stop altogether because he was kind of warn out on the road. He didn’t want to do it anymore. So two years later, when he called me up and said he wanted to start it up again, I couldn’t do it because I had all kinds of obligations for exhibitions for my paintings.

“And those are always planned a year ahead because art galleries reserve the space a year ahead because exhibitions usually last three to six months or something.

“I couldn’t do it but we did keep in touch always. We still do.”

Vandenberg has also joined the chorus of artists such as Y&T’s David Meniketti which has spoken out against VIP meet and greets.

“I am totally not into selling VIP things,” he said. “I know it’s a good way to make extra money but to me it feels like whoring out the band for money.

“If people want a picture with me, its never been a problem, you know, because I still remember standing in the rain for two hours waiting for a picture and a photo with one of my heroes and I know what it feels like when they don’t do it.

“You feel really disappointed.

“So I take every opportunity. People are nice and friendly and they want a picture with you – no problem. It feels weird to sell that, you know? I can’t do that.”

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