Adrian Vandenberg: How I introduced Angus Young to his wife

FORMER Whitesnake guitarist Adrian Vandenberg has recalled how he introduced AC/DC’s Angus Young to his wife of 38 years, Ellen.
Speaking on the White Line Fever podcast, Vandenberg says: “What you probably don’t know is I brought Angus and his wife together and they’re still married.
“Ellen, Angus’ wife, was a friend of mine when I was studying at university in the Dutch city of Arnhem.
“We always saw each other at rock shows and in bars.”
Mrs Young’s maiden name is Ellen Van Lochem
“I was 21 or 22 and I had a rock band put together called Teaser and we had one album. We were invited to be support act to AC/DC on a couple of shows and one of them was close to the town I was studying in and where Ellen also lived.
“She said ‘Adrian, can you put me on the guest list?’ I said ‘well, I’m going to try but we are guests of AC/DC, I’m not sure we have the option to invite guests’.
“But it worked. I put her on the guest list with two friends of hers. Imagine this: Ellen is almost as tall as I am and I’m six foot seven. I think Ellen is probably six foot four or something and we all know Angus is not the tallest guy.
“I told their bodyguard there’s going to be three blond, very tall chicks coming up in a little bit backstage. Wouldn’t it be funny to introduce them to the guys in AC/DC, you know, because they were all pretty short.
“He said ‘yeah!’ so he did and Ellen called me up a couple of weeks later and said ‘guess where I am?’. She was in Paris or something and a year later, they were married.”

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