@Ironmaiden on @reddit Final Setlist Speculation/Sleuthing!

Final Setlist Speculation/Sleuthing!

Numbered Poster

Let's speculate some more!

Safe to say the set probably isn't 28 songs long (we can wish!). I'm guessing the outright Eddies are indicative of the albums from which perhaps most songs will be drawn, or could just be used because they are such iconic eddies.

Some pastiche used where grasping for ideas.

  1. ?? Some kind of vampire or demonic beast
  2. Never really learned flags, somebody knows it?!
  3. Piece of Mind album
  4. Heaven Can Wait
  5. A nuclear explosion, When the Wild Wind Blows? The only top part where the glass is not a flag with icon at the top
  6. 7th Son album
  7. A man working a sword, could be Sun and Steel
  8. A wolf in clothing, if they don't have any songs about 3 little pigs or little red riding hood, I think it's For the Greater Good of God
  9. ?? A bloody house doesn't strike me as Blood Brothers but it is the obvious answer
  10. Sign of the Cross (puhlease!)
  11. Something from TFF, or perhaps a David Bowie tribute
  12. Unborn in the womb, 2 Minutes!
  13. Could be the kind of motif you'd get on a gate, the gates of the walls of Montsegur!
  14. Snake eyes, Be Quick or Be Dead
  15. Looks like a pact being made with the dead?
  16. navigation tools, could be Ghost of the Navigator or Talisman
  17. ?? Looks like a tudor rose or something from that era
  18. Whiskey. Running Free! (pulled her at the Bottle Top, whiskey, dancing, disco hop)
  19. A light switch – Fear of the Dark
  20. Snow and Ice – Stranger in a Strange Land!
  21. Powerslave (likely a song from the album as PS itself has been played a lot recently)
  22. They are going to play a British Lion song!
  23. Trooper because they'll never not play it
  24. Cannons to the left of them, cannons to the.. mm trooper is already covered, perhaps Paschendale
  25. Lord of the flies
  26. Scottish flag, could also mean Clansman. Please mean clansman!
  27. SIT
  28. Flight of Icarus
  29. (unmarked) a new Eddie? Is it from the game perhaps?

Lets crack this image open, get all Westworld on it and work it out. I will laugh heartily if we can get 50% or more right!

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