The Idol Dead Happy Now Tour, Duffy’s Bar Leicester 12/05/18



The Idol Dead Happy Now Tour, Duffy’s Bar Leicester 12/05/18

Plus James Cull, Midnight Dogs & The Senton Bombs

This was going to an interesting night: four acts in a small back room in a bar. The room was quite empty when first act local boy and solo guitarist singer James Cull came on, but as soon as he began to sing the people started to appear and it wasn’t long before there was a decent audience for him. Not surprising, as this lad has a beautiful rich voice not unlike Eddie Veder with the power to match, his mix of soulful ballads and original songs created a wonderful ambience and was a great start to the night. I would like to see his name on the festival boards as he deserves to be sharing his talent with the big crowds.

Next up were Midnight Dogs, also from Leicester: a hard working group of guys who have supported the likes of Dogs D’amour and the Quireboys. For such a young band they play good ol’ fashioned rock n roll but also have a retro 70s punk edge to them. Lead by charismatic frontman Rob Cass whose energy and style and voice at times reminded me of the legendary Lee Brillieaux of Dr Feelgood, with songs like Down n Dirty, Whisky Bender and the wonderfully titled Only Rock N Roll Can Save My Soul. If you like your rock and roll with a twist then go out and see these boys perform: you are guaranteed a good night, oh and they do an awesome version of the Beatles Come Together too.

The penultimate band of the night were The Senton Bombs, hailing from Blackpool and having a four hour drive to the Midlands to be here tonight shows their passion and love to perform. I missed them at HRH AOR earlier in the year but my partner LadyGigger told me good things about them so I was looking forward to seeing them play tonight. A lot of people think they are a new band, but they have actually been around for about twelve years and have four or five albums to their name. With lead singer and bassist Joey Class, along with excellent guitarists Damien Kage and Johnny Gibbons and the hard hitting drummer Scott Mason beating the skins for all their worth they play hard rock with wonderful riffs but also have a blues, country and of course punk sound and Joey at the helm has a voice that compliments all of these genres perfectly. The band definitely delivered and the crowd loved them. I was pleased I finally got to see them play and I will hopefully be seeing them again later in the year.

Finally The Idol Dead, what can I say, I absolutely love these guys having seen them at HRH AOR back in March kick off day 2 they impressed me so much. I love their energy and their passion and they take me back to my love of punk and seeing the Dammed and The Stranglers, Anti Nowhere League, the names go on and on. These guys keep the sound alive but also play rock n roll as well as anyone out there. Celebrating a decade together they have a massed a huge fanbase called the Idol Army and they continue to entertain and play songs they love, to crowds all over. With Polly Phluid forever moving and bouncing on the stage as lead singer and the equally energetic guitarist KC Duggan sporting an excelent skeleton shirt, Tim on guitar, the man beast Dan, on Bass (love you dude) and talkative Nish on drums (Man, how the fuck can you wear that tie all night it was boiling in there). They joked, chatted and played an hour plus set and the audience pogoed, danced and sang throughout.

I would have liked to have seen more people there tonight: there were were four acts playing and singing their asses off travelling from near and far to entertain. Perhaps the rest of them were watching X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent. Well, let me say now: GET YOUR BUMS OFF THE SOFA, GET OUT TO A GIG, SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC. TOO MANY VENUES ARE CLOSING: never mind “television” talent, this is where the real talent was tonight and all over the country in pubs and clubs. And each and every one of them played their own original stuff: not all covers, their own work ,and fair play to them all

Keep music live, punk and rock will never die with bands and acts that continue to play for us but it’s up to you. Thank you James Cull, Midnight Dogs, The Senton Bombs, and of course the wonderful Idol Dead, you keep it going and long may it last, till the next time.


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Review by Dave Martin and Photos by Carol Henson aka Ladygigger

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