New 12 Part Video Series For Face To Face 40th Anniversary

Face To Face 40th Anniversary

This year The Angels celebrate the 40th Anniversary of their album ‘Face To Face’.

A hallmark moment in Australian rock music history, the album’s release in 1978 saw the band’s new songs blaring out of car radios and back yard parties across the nation as The Angels and their new found approach to rock’n’roll relentlessly drove its way into the psyche of a whole generation of Australian youth.

This introductory video sees guitarist brothers Rick & John Brewster ready to embark on a 12 part series of interviews with Punwin Productuctions’ Maurice Parker as these three plumb the depths of a different track in each episode.

New Episode Each Week

Stay tuned every Friday afternoon to see each new episode either here on the band’s web site or on their Official Facebook Page.

Face To Face 40th Anniversary Tour

In recognition of this milestone The Angels will be embark this year on a string of dates for their upcoming Face To Face 40th Anniversary Tour commencing next Fri 11th May.


This unique video series has come to life thanks to the efforts of Maurice Parker & Carolyn Unwin from Unwin Productions. Maurice, who had many years ago produced the band’s ‘Eat City‘ film clip, became reacquainted with the band when he filmed The Angels live at the recent AACTA Awards. He subsequently filmed them playing the whole Face To Face album live at the Bridge Hotel.

Rick & John have really enjoyed being interviewed by Maurice for this series. His energy is that of a true enthusiast and the band would like to express their gratitude to Maurice & Carolyn and their production team for their keen interest and excellent work on these videos.

The Angels are an Australian rock band that formed in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1974. The band later relocated to Sydney and enjoyed huge local success, clocking up hit singles across four decades, including “Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again”, “Take a Long Line”, “Marseilles”, “Shadow Boxer”, “No Secrets”, “We Gotta Get Out of This Place”, “Let the Night Roll On”, and “Dogs Are Talking”. The Angels were cited by Guns N’ Roses and a number of Seattle grunge bands, including Pearl Jam and Nirvana, as having influenced their music. In the international market, to avoid legal problems with the Casablanca Records’ act Angel, their records were released under the names Angel City and later The Angels from Angel City. (wikipedia) Read on:

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