Skindred @ 02 Academy, Glasgow


Skindred @ 02 Academy, Glasgow

Skindred hit Glasgow and some big tings are in store.

We have two support bands tonight and first up are the brilliant Danko Jones. The Canadian three piece were on fire tonight, they brought their brand of catchy ass kicking rock and their A game.

I have missed the band live to date but love everything recorded but live they definitely crank it up to a whole new level. They opened with “I Gotta Rock” and went straight for the jugular with old and new fans. “Sugar Chocolate” is up next and it is full throttle as Danko slithers and delivers the song title for all. His cheeky smile tells a story all on its own.

Now the main man likes to talk as well as show off his oral sexual prosthetic. Unfortunately he did not expect an on fire Glasgow choir. During a quiet part a member of the crowd shouted show me your nipples and Danko looked a tad worried and as he tried to brush it off the chant of nipples rang round the room, seemingly a first for the band.

Its not all sexual innuendo we get some classic songs like “The Twisting Knife”, “Gonna be a Fight Tonight” and a briliant rendition of “Crazy”. My wait to see this band was well worth it and I hope I do not have to wait too long to see them again.

Next up was CKY and this will be short. I have to admit to never being a fan but I was happy to give them a chance and with the amount of CKY t-shirts in the crowd I thought I could have been wrong but nope, a band that really is not my thing I am afraid but the crowd definitely took to their energetic performance.

Skindred for me have always been a festival band, I cannot even count the amount of times I have seen them in a soggy field. No matter the weather they always get a crowd going, which they also managed to do on the previous Steel panther tour but tonight they headline and tonight they own Glasgow.

If there are any bands out there that want to know how to warm up a crowd before you even set a foot on stage please take note. The songs prior to the band appearing were “Don’t Stop me now”, “Blitzkrieg Bop” and “Thunderstruck”…the crowd were in full voice and suitably going nuts as it calmed down and we get the Imperial march from star wars before the band take the stage and Benji turns around and the back of his jacket explains the first song, “Big Tings”. The fuzzy guitars, the drum beats and the man semi rapping. What a way to start and we see the light show in full swing. A brilliant visual experience to accompany the aural excellence.

I had a few discussions tonight and most were along the lines of why is this band not huge but the answer could be seen in the audience I reckon. I can see rockers, metal heads, punks and Rastas. The band may have tried to cover too many bases but no matter what this hall is packed and the band offer something no others do. Amazing music with a new twist that sounds great no matter whether it was 20 years ago or right now.

The Welsh rockers know how to put a tune together and “Stand For Something” is as good as any rock track out there. They flip it totally as they hit us with “Selector”. The Rastas are in heaven. “Pressure” is up next with the added bonus of a cracking snippet of “Back in Black”.

It is at this point that Benji decides he is not getting enough from the crowd and work us like a grand puppet master. It was this that won me over that very first festival I caught them at. A band I was unaware of had a full field in their hands. He was accepting nothing less that 100% from us and why not? The band were and then some.

For me the highlight was “Kill the Power” at this point I was in the rafters taking some extra photos and I got to see the full effect of this whole crowd with their fists in the air. This song is always a set winner but with the fists, the sing along and a little Prodigy thrown in it made for a classic rendition.

As we head for the encore and the end of the show the gears are crunched and the whole show moves forward. “Roots Rock Riot” goes for the jugular and mixed with “Sad but True” the rockers in the house are in overdrive. That is followed by “Rat Race” and “Warning” and I left that hall exhausted and elated. Skindred done it once again, the boys are kings of the live arena and for me they mix genres perfectly. Good music is good music at the end of the day and I challenge anyone, no matter your musical tastes to go to a show and not leave having had the time of your life.

Images and words Ritchie Birnie

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