Fireblast releases their single “Frozen Tears” on Z-Records

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FIREBLAST was born in Santa Fe, Argentina, when guitarist and composer Hernán Nori decides to record some of his songs, considering offering them to other artists. For these, he contacts Lucas Conforti, guitarist and owner of a recording studio (Deep Wave), and together decide to co-produce the songs. For this work, Hernán gets in touch with Tato Pastor (voice), Ulises Koch (drums), and José Alaluf (bass) ,asking them if they were interested in participating. As they are known for years for having played together in session works and previous projects, everyone agreed. During the rehearsals and subsequent recordings, they all agreed that the material is excellent and the songs have great potential, that’s why they decide to try as a band. They did an impeccable job that allowed them to get a record contract with the english label Z Records.
The band play melodic hard rock with well marked influences from several bands of the genre,and although they use resources from it,their mail goal is to have their own identity concerning composition and arrangements,avoiding completely filler songs. Recently, the music video of its first single "Frozen Tears" came out, which will be part of its debut album. It will be released in June by Z Records.

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