@Ironmaiden on @reddit Where on earth did Steve Harris get this idea?

Where on earth did Steve Harris get this idea?

I've been rereading the Iron Maiden biography by Mick Wall because I was interested to hear Steve Harris' side of history after having just read Bruce's autobiography and there is a baffling statement from Steve in there regarding "No Prayer For the Dying"

"It depends who you're talking to, some people think it's our best album and some people think it's our worst album. Me I don't think it's our best, but it's certainly not our worst".

I have literally never heard anyone claim "No Prayer For the Dying" is their best album.

I could understand this observation if it was made at the time of "No Prayer" or maybe immediately after "Fear of the Dark" and he was trying to defend the stripped down sound they were going for at that time, but that book was written after "The X-Factor" was released when the back to the roots approach had been abandoned in favour of the prog-metal leaning that would become modern maiden.

so where did he get the impression that "No Prayer" was this divisive "love it or hate it masterpiece" when in my experience it might be the single least controversial album in the entire catalogue?

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