Greta Van Fleet @ St Lukes, Glasgow



Greta Van Fleet @ St Lukes, Glasgow


It is Easter Sunday, I am in an old church and Greta Van Fleet are giving a sermon…if Carlsberg did bank holiday entertainment this is probably it!

Support tonight is The Rolling St…Second Sons, a bunch of lads from London that wear their influences on their sleeve and provide good old Rock,n,Roll tunes. I only found out they were supporting the night before and with very little product out there easy to find I went in almost blind.

This is no bad thing as preconceptions can be a horrible thing so I watched and I listened and instantly found a band I loved. Nick Harding on vocals is an old school singer who can whip up an audience with his enthusiasm. You can do nothing but smile as he struts his stuff and within seconds you will be clapping along. This man is a born entertainer.

Their short set was fast paced, energetic and totally enthralling. They opened with “Down The Line” which got on board most of this sold out crowd. They followed it up with the one track that I could find online in “ Light It Up”, a real chant along number that even the boozed up Glasgow audience could pick up on the chorus.

As the show went on you could feel the brilliant connection between the two brothers with inter-swapping vocals. This band is definitely one to watch out for, feel their energy, enjoy the tunes and maybe get a free t-shirt as the band spread the word.

This band were a perfect choice for support and I hope they come back to Scotland soon, oh, and get some more material out guys.

As everyone is still dancing and talking about the support band I am gathering my thoughts. I have been waiting for this show for some time. I found Greta Van Fleet in the middle of last year and bought tickets for this show as soon as I had heard them. This was just after they had sold out King Tuts and the venue moved to the amazing St Lukes. Once again this sold out in January and I was fully expecting the venue to be moved again.

This band have sprung out of nowhere and with very little press in the UK everything has been word of mouth which is fantastic. When I purchased the tickets I had a feeling that this could very well be the gig of the year. My expectations were trashed tonight as they went beyond anything that I could imagine and to see this band in such an intimate venue means I will be looking back at this gig in years to come remembering how immense a show it was and how I saw legends being born.

These four youngsters took to the stage like the kids they are, no airs, no graces no ego and if you did not know them and saw them getting ready you would never in a million years imagine what they were just about to do.

They open with that soul tearing, funky riff that is “Highway Tune”……ooooooooooooooooooh Mama what a fucking song. Instant goosebumps. I get to watch Josh up close as I am in the photo pit and it is just effortless. I also get my first taste of what is to come from Jake as he batters out that AC/DC sound on the perfect guitar for it.

Next the riffage turns to low down clickage, the real 70s sound and Josh changes his vocals till I swear Geddy Lee is in front of me but when the song “When The Cold Wind Blows” I realise I have to re evaluate every preconception I had about this band. The song itself is stunning but what Jake done on this was utterly mesmorising, so much so I could not take any photos. I realised I was witnessing something truly original, so much so I did not want my eye behind the lens of a camera. This 20 year old just blew away. I thought this band was all about the voice but how wrong was I. The twin on guitar is the maestro. He orchestrates everything and as he finished playing that guitar behind his head for what seemed like five minutes I had no words, I looked around this crowd and like me the jaws were wide opened. This is a talent way beyond his years.

From here Mama is back on “ Talk on the Street” and we see a band with its eldest members just 20 years old jam like 70 year old blues legends. Josh constantly watching his brother to see what he is going to do. The Rush early vibe is back as this song is just one hook after the other.

There is very little chat from the band, there is a naive disbelief on there faces. They look around in wonder as if they have no idea how this all happened which is so honest and so youthful. I can assure them that this is here to stay. I know without one shred of doubt I will never see them in a venue this size again. Once the dust settles on this tour and word of mouth has spread even further and when they play their first Download they will become UK fokelore.

The rest of this show was me steeped in absolute joy. I knew what I was witnessing, I new this was one of the most special shows in over 38 years of gig going. This was stuff bands could only dream of. This band will sell out every tour until they are in arenas. They will cause ticket selling companies systems to crash, they will be a name that everyone knows and they will take classic rock through the decades with a host of brilliant young bands on their heels.

We are looking at kings of a new age of Rock here and I for one will bow at their feet.

Images and words Ritchie Birnie



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