George Lynch wrote a song called “Mr Scary’s Pyjamas”

MICHAEL Sweet has revealed he rejected a song from George Lynch called “Mr Scary’s Pyjamas” for their recent collaboration, the album Unified.
Speaking on the Noize In The Attic podcast, Stryper’s Sweet says Dokken’s Lynch submitted the song along with 11 others which did end up on the Sweet & Lynch album.
The goofy title is a reference to Lynch’s legendary 1987 instrumental, “Mr Scary”.
“There was a time on Unified … there was one song he sent me … in the 11 tracks I liked, there was a 12th track called ‘Mr Scary’s Pyjamas’,” Sweet said.
“That was the working title for it. How he got that, he was working on that song his Pyjamas.
“I thought that was kind of funny. It was the most interesting song … one of the most interesting songs I’ve ever heard in a not so … it wasn’t cohesive to everything else on the album. The continuity would have been thrown off big time.”
Asked if the mysterious dity had a “different vibe”, Sweet replied: “Totally, in probably a not-so-good way.
“I told him ‘dude, this one’s not doing it for me’ and George tried to convince me why it was great, ‘one of the best things, blah, blah, blah’ and I went ‘nah’.”
Despite this, Sweet insists: “I totally respect George and I believe he respects me too and I think we work well together.”
Unified was released in November 2017. It was the follow-up to the previous year’s Only To Rise.

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