Anvil’s Kudlow “bruised and tainted” by users, haters and thieves

ANVIL frontman Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow says he’s been “bruised and tainted” by “people who are your friend because of who you are, not because we’re people and we’re really friends”.
Speaking on the White Line Fever podcast about how his life has changed since the release of a 2008 documentary about the band, Kudlow says he has become more cynical about human nature.
“The more the notoriety, the more the haters come with it. They’re part and parcel,” he said.
“There might be 10 people that hate you but there’s, for sure, five that don’t.
“Maybe I’m a little less naïve or maybe a little bit more grown-up. I don’t know.
“You go to an odd place like Latin America and you get a bunch of stuff stolen and all of a sudden you’re thinking ‘what kind of fool am I to believe that humanity is a trustworthy thing?’
“You get bruised and tainted by the world itself. You can only keep your innocence for so long before it’s destroyed by things like that.”
Kudlow was recently involved in a controversy after questioning the work ethic of Americans in an interview.
He attempted water down the resulting criticism by insisting he had been taken out of context.
On White Line Fever, he continues: “A lot of things become apparent: people who are your friend because of who you are, not because we’re people and we’re really friends.
“They’re just friends because of what I’ve attained or my celebrity and they just want to stand in the limelight with me.
“You know, things like that and horrible jealousy. You see that.
“Even before the movie came out, the director, discussions that we had … he said ‘there’s a lot you’re gonna learn about life once things change – and they will change’.
“And they have. No question. Absolutely.”
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