Anvil unsure of what to do with sequel footage

ANVIL principal Steve ‘Lips’ Kudlow says he is unsure what will become of footage shot for a sequel to the 2008 documentary Anvil! The story of Anvil.
The band has continued to shoot behind-the-scenes material since the film, which was named best documentary at the 2009 Evening Standard Film Awards in London among many other plaudits.
“Who knows? There’s no set plan,” Kudlow, 62, tells the White Line Fever podcast when asked about the fate of the footage.
“It’s just ‘we will do this at some point’ and stuff like that.
“I think what’s sustained it is we have been out and being visible and touring and still writing songs and being relevant today.
“We didn’t stop writing so we’re not expected to stop writing and people are accepting what we are writing and that’s even more important, that it is relevant enough for people to still buy into the band and still believe in our music and still like what we’re doing.”
Kudlow says being asked about the film in almost every interview is tiresome – but understandable.
“The movie’s almost 10 years old, man. You can imagine, it’s like a broken record, that shit.
“But it was my foot in the door. It was the moment of public consciousness so it continues to have life.
“What gives it life is the subject matter. It was a living, breathing real entity that continued on long past the movie.
“The burning question is: what happened? What happened? The sequel, without anybody seeing it. That’s what happened. The rise to public consciousness.
“There isn’t a city or country I haven’t visited and played. The band is world-renowned. I’ve been working steadily for the last 10 years. I retired from my fucking horrible job.
“Like I said in the movie, I’m on vacation – but now it’s permanent.”
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