Crazy Lixx – ‘Rough Justice’ Album Review

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Crazy Lixx – Ruff Justice
This is the fifth studio album by the Swedish Hard Rock band, Crazy Lixx. It was released in 2017 and was voted as the best album of 2017 by The New Wave Of Hair Metal. Here are the tracks…Wild Child – this song starts the album off with eerie sounds you would hear in a horror movie that would soon be interrupted by powerful guitars, bass, and drums. The chorus is massive and makes you want to sing along and bang your head.XIII – this was one of the three songs recorded for the Friday the 13th video game that came out last year. It starts with a combination of amazing bass, drums, and guitars which then includes a powerful chorus and a stellar guitar solo.Walk The Wire – this song is one of their most melodic and moving. It tells a story of someone who doesn’t want their dreams to pass before they can grasp it. A real moving and incredible song all together.Shot With a Needle of Love – starts off with an amazing guitar solo paired with great drums, bass, and vocals. The chorus will make you want to sing along.Killer – the second of three songs recorded for the Friday the 13th video game, starts off with the guitars slowly building the tension up to the chorus where the bass and drums kick in to create an amazingly powerful chorus. The solo is incredible and overall, it really makes you feel like you are trying to his run from Jason Voorhees himself.
Hunter of the Heart – (my favourite off the album) sounds just like classic Crazy Lixx with a fast guitar riff that will get the blood pumping with one of the most powerful chorus’s out there. Overall, a very fun song which will get you pumped.Snakes in Paradise – this song is started off with a perfect balance of clean and distortion guitar. This song also has a very important meaning, it tells the story that there are people out there who you think you can trust but will stab you in the back when they get the chance.If It’s Love – this song really demonstrates how powerful and moving a song really can be. The entire song will fill you with emotions. It’s about a man who got broken up by his girlfriend and is questioning his love for her since his reactions were not normal.Kiss of Judas – very powerful from beginning to end. The guitars, bass, drums, and vocals all join together to create an amazing melody.Live Before I Die – the third out of the three songs that were recorded for the Friday the 13th video game. This is one of the most melodic and meaningful songs in the genre. The meaning behind this song is that a man wants to do something important before he is gone. The chorus has a powerful melody that will make you sing along. Overall, Ruff Justice is an amazing album.

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