Sharon Crashes Out

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Sharon den Adel, frontwoman for the platinum and gold-selling Dutch symphonic metal band Within Temptation, releases Crash And Burn, the second single from her new project My Indigo (album released April 20).

A bold, euphoric summery stomp, Crash And Burn (released on March 9 via MVKA) begins with plaintive brass melody motif before the story takes off, led by Sharon’s gorgeous, lyrical vocals.

“I’ve met and worked with so many beautiful, inspirational people but what you see in this industry is a lot of temptations that are around,” Sharon explains. “Things can happen to you which can be addictive, like drugs, or being used to a certain kind of attention or success and you’ll always want to have that. 

Witnessing this first-hand Sharon notes, “The song was inspired by somebody I know, who’s really talented but his life is one big roller coaster of highs but mostly lows and although many have tried they can’t get him on the right track.  He likes to live on the edge and when he falls he gets back up again, but I always wonder for how long”.

The singer and songwriter is already a global name as frontwoman for Within Temptation, but My Indigo reveals another side to Sharon. Sharon is also no stranger to the pop and dance charts – in 2008 she had a hit as vocalist/songwriter for DJ Armin van Buuren’s single In And Out Of Love, which amassed over 200 millionplays on YouTube to date. “My Indigo is a mood apart from what I normally do with Within Temptation – it’s less about manning the barricades and being tough. I needed to feel vulnerable and connect with stories and emotions I hadn’t let out yet.”

The album My Indigo is out April 20. See for more information.

My Indigo is available for pre-order digital and on CD, Vinyl and Cassette here:

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