Donnie Vie former frontman of Enuff z Nuff launches PledgeMusic campaign for new album

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Hello brothers and sisters, my name is Donnie Vie. I’m most known for being the writer/lead singer for the band Enuff Znuff along with a bunch of my own records for over 25 years. During that time, I’ve written and recorded over 20 records of melodic pop and power pop songs that have all received high critical acclaim and Grammy nominations. When I first got into the record business, at a pretty young age with the support of major labels, the songs immediately had mass appeal and did really well on MTV and radio. After a long struggle with bad business decisions (or lack thereof), poor marketing and mis-management and a huge change of musical genre, my band and I found ourselves lost in the void of independent labels, false stereotypes and lack of promotion. Still, with a loyal fan base and belief in the talent and quality of our songs and records that still continue to grow and improve, I kept to the grindstone for many years with the band, battling many issues, both personal and professional, I soon realized all I was doing was grinding off my own nose and confusing motion with progress. After a string of very strong solo records (facing most of the same problems) and a few years in hiatus to physically and spiritually rebuild, a new energy began to form in and around me. It started with strong bond of family and support and slowly getting back in touch with the fans and truly talented friends from throughout my long journey who all very much believed in and loved the work I have done and created. Naturally, wonderful new melodies and song ideas started to pour out.
Here’s the tricky part…if I’m going to continue and venture into a new project and/or record, the only way that makes any sense to me is to do it right and make it the best it can be. Eliminating as much of the unnecessary bullshit and headaches that have proven to be detrimental in the past will help me aim for a more direct process and relationship between the music and the listeners. In other words, with the help of you, my brothers and sisters, contributions will be applied directly to the source of what it takes to create and produce a great quality record, while at the same time, all of us being hands on and connected throughout the process as its being made. For your contributions, there’s a list of things I can offer in return besides a personal guarantee of 100% satisfaction of the results. A few of the new songs are finished but, in order to carry on working, there are expenses that are absolutely necessary for the quality that’s desired to make it all worthwhile.
I’m asking you to help me make you a new brilliant record to groove on so I can call all my favors in from talented famous buddies and recording process geniuses, and get this shit done and in your ears and hearts. It’s time to whore out with my floor out!!! Haha. All my love and appreciation, DV.

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