Clifford Hoad says brother does not have the right to use the name Kings Of The Sun

IN A Facebook post, Kings Of The Sun drummer Clifford Hoad has insisted his brother Jeffrey does not have the right to use that band’s name for a gig north of Brisbane on May 19.
Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 13.21.00The Gold Coast rockers’ moniker is included on a bill headlined by Ross Wilson and Jon Stevens at the Sandstone Point Hotel on May 19
The lineup is listed as “fronted by Jeffrey Hoad, Dean Turner on bass, Dean Reeson on drums and guitarist Glenn Morris”.
Singer Jeffrey Hoad told Hot Metal: “I don’t really think there’s ever been a formal agreement (over the name).
“I was always happy to take (The Rich & Famous) and he was happy to take Kings Of The Sun although they we’ve never discussed it. But I’m pretty sure he’s happy and I’m happy. That’s all it is. There’s no ‘owning’ or whatever.”
Clifford, however, begs to differ.
“I have been inundated of late with the question of which brother is Kings of the Sun and who owns the name,” he wrote on Facebook.
“Well hate to disappoint a few of you but it is me. I have released the last three albums as Kings of the Sun from 2013 -2017 and I own the trademark legally.
“I started the band, the name and the concept from day one, so if anyone has those rights to call themselves Kings Of The Sun morally or legally it is me.
“Does this now mean Brian Johnson has the right to go out and start up his own band and call it AC/DC ? I don’t think so….. even after 35 years of singing with his once band.
“All anyone has to ever do is look it up on the public Australian trademark search to realise this.”
Clifford provided a link to a trademark search result, which you can find HERE.
He said he would make no more comment on the matter. It is unknown if he will attempt to prevent his brother performing under the KOTS moniker in May.

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