Blackberry Smoke frontman admits nicking a Junkyard tee – so he wrote a song for them

BLACKBERRY Smoke’s Charlie Starr has told members of Junkyard he once snuck into one of their shows and stole a t-shirt.
The singer/guitarist has made amends by writing a song especially for the Hollywood veterans’ current album, High Water, entitled ‘Til The Wheels Fall Off’.
“It was written for us because he’s a long-term fan; we just saw them recently in LA and he told a story where he saw us when the Black Crowes were opening up for us in Atlanta and he snuck in,” Junkyard drummer Pat Mazingo told the White Line Fever podcast.
“He was a young kid. He’s like ‘I just snuck in to see Junkyard and I stole a t-shirt and oh my God you guys are fantastic’.
“When Charlie was like, ‘I’ve got a song for you’, … we were like ‘this is perfect, this is us’.”
Bassist Todd Muscat added: “I think he got us as far as us just keeping doing what we’re doing. We haven’t gotten huge.
“We’re not a big band but we just do it ’til the wheels fall off. It fits us perfectly. I was happy when I heard it.”
In the interview, Junkyard were also blunt in their assessments of some of the the bands with whom they share a festival stage.
Singer David Roach comments: “Playing at these festivals with these hair bands that we never had anything to do with back in the day … the bottom line is: that’s our fan base.
“We don’t necessarily want to play festivals with these hair bands but we need to reach a bunch of people. So playing these festivals allows us to expose ourselves to a big audience that has never seen us before.
“They may have heard us but a lot of them hadn’t been born yet. They’re digging it.
“We’d like to use these festivals and these bands we don’t particularly love playing with as a way to get ourselves back out there.”
Muzingo adds: “The cruise and all these resurgence festivals of bands back in the day, I would say there’s probably 35 per cent of the bands that we like, like Tom Keifer, definitely the Quireboys, Kix, Rhino Bucket..
“And then certain bands that are on (the bill) we never heard of back in the day, we never listened to back in the day and we saw them in RIP Magazine and were like ‘whatever’ and we still don’t listen to them to this day.”
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