Animal Drive – Bite! Album Review

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If you like screaming, crunching guitars with huge solos, then maybe this album is for you! An entire album filled with exactly that. The “glam/sleaze” scene is alive and well with “Bite” . from the beginning to the end “bite” is filled with massive drum fills huge guitar licks and soaring vocals reminiscent of Ronnie James Dio or David Coverdale.
“Bite” is packed with great tunes, kicking off with “Goddamn marathon” which just punches you in the face with all the aggression of a charging bull. The music just builds and builds until BAM!! Full on rocker and before you know it you’re in it up to your ears! Tapping along.
“Tower of lies (I walk alone)” is even more aggressive and more melodic at the same time. The chorus is crazy smooth. The pounding double bass is insane on this track. Also its filled with some crazy raunchy crunching guitar work
“Had enough” is a true guitar rock track. Filled with riff after riff, power chords galore!! Truly an arena rocker, makes you want to stand up and shout! “I’ve had enough” featuring an amazing guitar solo reminiscent of Zach Wylde
“Hands of time” features more huge guitar riffs and some serious vocal range on this quasi power ballad- more power than ballad really. A truly impressive song as a whole. Vocally stunning, lyrically stunning, musically stunning. Reminds me of current day Warrant.
“Time machine” the first time i heard this song i was hooked! The screaming guitar gets you quick and keeps you on the hook. Vocally has a Ronnie James Dio vibe which is never a bad thing right? And holy shit the guitar solo is fantastic it all truly comes together on this track for one helluva good tune.
“Father” this song is laced with emotion, a really nice vocal performance.
“Fade away” and “Carry on” aren’t at all bad tracks just a little unremarkable as a whole.
“Devil took my beer again” and “Deliver me” round out the album with back to back sonic assaults!
“Bite” just proves the “80’s sound” is alive and well and thriving. What comes around goes around and it’s back in full force.
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