Black Top Mojo “Burn The Ships” Album Review

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Black Top Mojo – Burn The Ships
My initial exposure to Black Top Mojo was simply “eh", but I listened… and then listened again, and again, and again until – HOLY SHIT! This is amazing! What I initially mistook for everyday rock was something truly different, where I thought they were lacking they were on fact head and shoulders above. BURN THE SHIPS is one great song followed by another. Lyrically it is an amazing album, musically it’s fantastic, and vocally? WOW! Singer Matt Jones truly has a gift with his vocal range.
Hailing from the ‘Lone star State’ just south of Dallas, Palestine Texas. They stick to the state slogan of “everything is bigger in Texas" as BURN THE SHIPS is filled with huge guitar riffs and drum fills, not to mention some serious bass. The soaring vocals prove it to be true… everything is indeed bigger in Texas!
It is only a matter of time until Black Top Mojo finish kicking down the door and everyone will know…THEY ARE HERE TO ROCK!
The album kicks off with “Where the wind blows" it starts off with a little acoustic guitar picking, right before it rocks your face off! Setting the tone and letting you know what’s to come. “End of days" picks up perfectly to keep the groove going, now you know, it’s a true rock album. You can definitely hear the Black Stone Cherry influence.
They show another side with “Prodigal" serious power ballad here, an absolutely amazing vocal performance.
My personal favorite track is “Sweat" amazing beat to this one, and like most of us it rings true…”if sweat were money I’d be a millionaire”
The album just continues to crank out great tune after great tune. “Pyromaniac" is yet another killer track. Superbly written, like they have been doing this for years.
As we progress the album is STILL KICKING ASS! “Make a difference" and “Chains" are both stellar. Then we get to something that few, if any, should ever try. A cover of an Aerosmith song…”Dream on" one of the most amazing rock vocals ever recorded. The rock god Steven Tyler should not be disappointed with this rendition, as Black Top Mojo stay true to the original musically, vocally? It does not disappoint at all- amazing, simply amazing!
Finish off the album with a vocal masterpiece in “Underneath" this track shows all the range you’d ever want in a rock singer.
Overall, this album is totally amazing, very few albums can really grab your attention and keep it, Black Top Mojo grabs you and doesn’t let go… at all
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