Voodoo Circle, Album: Raised On Rock.



Voodoo Circle, Album: Raised On Rock.

Voodoo Circle are a German hard rock band formed in 2008 by guitar hero Alex Beyrodt (Silent Force, Primal Fear) and this is their fifth album. Other members are Mat Sinner, Francesco Jorvino and newly appointed frontman Herbie Langhans (Sinbreed).

Beyrodt lists some of his influences as Deep Purple, Rainbow, Whitesnake and Hendrix, and where this album has a bluesy feel, at times I feel that it sounds more like the arena soft rock bands such as Foreigner, Boston, Toto, etc: a power ballad theme with some blues added along the way.

Alex with his harmonies, melodic riffs and some amazing shredding sounding at times very like Yngwie Malmstein another big inflence of his, delivers, as do Sinner and Jorvino but where this album is badly let down is by the less than brilliant vocals of Langhans, in the bluesy songs such as Unknown Stranger or Where is the World we Love he doesn’t have the chops of Coverdale or Gillan, and other tracks like Higher Love or probably the best song on there Dreamchaser where he tries his best with the range he has, he certainly is no Lou Gramm or Steve Perry.

The album is called Raised on Rock, but when you are raised on good rock and great vocalists all your life like myself, you notice when things are not quite right or gelling and I’m afraid with this album it is very noticeable. I’m not saying it’s a bad album, just not a very good one .

Raised on Rock by Voodoo Circle is released on 9th February.

Review by Dave Martin.

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