Metal & Motorhead Come To Nintendo

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You wouldn’t really expect to find the words “heavy metal” and “Nintendo” in any kind of connection to one another. It’s fair to say Nintendo is the least hardcore of the major gaming companies, and heavy metal tends to call to mind an energy level that can border on violent. It’s not the most natural of fits. That said, we recently got news that the Nintendo Switch, the company’s latest (and most creative) console is going to be celebrating one of the best metal bands of all time.
So far 2018 has been a sad year for Motorhead fans. Fast Eddie Clarke passed away in early January
after being hospitalized for pneumonia. At just 67, he was the last surviving member of what most would consider to be the “main” or classic Motorhead lineup, so in a way this really is the end of an era. It’s not as if fans hadn’t accepted the idea that those days were over, and there was no Guns N’ Roses style revival in the works; it seems not so long ago that the music world was rocked by the passing of Lemmy. Still, Clarke’s passing struck a sad note of finality.
No video game tribute can balance the loss of a human life, and we certainly don’t mean to suggest as much. But at the very least this decision by Nintendo makes for a bit of fun news for Motorhead fans. Though interestingly enough it’s not actually the first time the band will have gotten a boost through gaming.
It was in fact only two years ago that the software developer and online game maker NetEnt produced a game based on the band, stating simply: aren’t many rock bands as iconic as Motorhead. The game was designed as an arcade slot machine, and was part of a “rock series” that also included games based on Guns N’ Roses and Jimi Hendrix. Those looking for more complex video games might not enjoy it much, but as an enhanced slot reel and as a tribute to the group, it was pretty awesome. Starting with “The Ace Of Spades,” the game plays Motorhead audio and embraces the band’s aesthetic throughout.
The Nintendo effort though should be an even more engaging celebration of the band. Basically it’s an adaptation of Victor Vran, an action role-playing game with a sort of dark gothic aesthetic. Specifically it’s Victor Vran: Overkill Edition, and it includes expansions called “Fractured Worlds” and “Motorhead: Through The Ages.”
The latter is described as a wild tour through the Mythos, music, and attitude of the loudest band in the world. Basically, players will get to embody Lemmy and celebrate the band while battling off hordes of enemies in a beautiful, dark world that’s tailor-made for metal.
Frankly this looks awesome, and any metal fan or specifically Motorhead lover ought to take note.


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