@Ironmaiden on @reddit [Song of the Week] Coming Home (The Final Frontier)

[Song of the Week] Coming Home (The Final Frontier)

This week we will discuss Coming Home, from the album The Final Frontier, released 7 years ago. The song was suggested by /u/KidInTheDark666. The track is among the shortest from the album. It was written by Bruce Dickinson, Steve Harris and Adrian Smith.

Possible song interpreation, from

"When it comes to so-called power ballads, Iron Maiden is a band that really stands out. Similar to Out Of The Shadows from a musical point of view only maybe even more emotion-laden, Coming Home is actually about Bruce Dickinson's impressions when he flies Ed Force One back to the UK 'To Albion,' this being the poetic name for England due to the white cliffs of Kent (Albus = white in Latin, a name actually coined by the French).

The description of the flight is amazingly poetic too, typical of Bruce's song writing. When you fly, there are indeed no more borders that divide, and the crossing of the Atlantic can easily be compared to passing over the mass grave of so many sailors. All the images in the lyrics evoke what it's like to be flying, with this extra touch that only Bruce's poetry could bring…"

List of songs that will be discussed in following weeks – of course anybody is welcome to post a suggestion in the comments!

The song itself


The songs done so far

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