Nux Pedals Is Proving They’re Just As Good As The More Expensive Brands

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I ran into Dave Hager (National Sales Manager) on my way into NAMM 2018 Thursday morning, and he suggested I stop by the NUX booth. As soon as I had the time, I did. I am glad that I did. He showed me their line of pedals, and I checked the micro pedals, (which were impeccable), and the more traditional stompbox ones, (wide range of effects, both digital and analog) and was blown away by their one-stop shop multi-effects pedal Cerberus. I know the MF of pedals. I have experienced as well as millions of others the OCD of it all. There was none of that here. There vast range of pedals, both digital and analog, is way beyond describing in detail here. I will say this, anything you need, they have, and the quality is at the same level of any of the standard bearers. Their quality is as good as if not better than any of the “name” pedal/effects companies we all know. I highly suggest you go to their website, drooling over all of their products, check out the demos, etc. and get some.

This is not specced specific product review. This is a practical musician saying to other musicians, we all know the mind freak show in regards to pedal effects. There is none of that here. From fantastic chorus, delays, to loopers, compressors, (check out the Mod Core Deluxe, it is its own thing), to multi-effect boxes to the multi-effect pedal, and their wireless NUX B-2 (which is so simple, highest rate of quality and affordable), NUX has something, if not everything, you want and need in the practical application for all guitar and bass players.

Written by Tony Lepre.

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