The Inoculated Canaries – Trying Times



The Inoculated Canaries – Trying Times


Now c’mon, how good is that band name? With a name like that I was never going to pass up this review and when I checked out their video for “Count Me Out” I was hooked.

The band are a foursome hailing from New York and as yet unsigned( I cannot see that being the case for long).This EP must reflect a pissed up feathered reptile…angry, loving, funny and like most of us throwing all manner of different music when we get home plastered.

If I had only one word to describe this band it would be eclectic. I always like to find something that is a bit different, a bit out of the box and something that cannot contain itself to one genre and they ticked every box.


The EP kicked of with aforementioned “Count Me In” and just listen to that organ….pass me my bellbottoms and patchouli oil. This is a groove fest from start to finish. Without even having seen them I know that this will be an incredible live track. I am currently in love with the band Greta Van Fleet and this track would fit in their set with ease, that amazing organ, the Zep vibe, the harmonies and guitar makes for an instant classic.

With “Take a Look Around” the eclectic take full grasp of you. Was this inebriated budgie writing songs at Christmas? This could have been Slade’s follow up crimbo song but it is so much more than that. It has a Pogues feel, a little harmonica and it builds into a real toe tapper. I was instantly unsure of the track but by the time it got to the two minute mark I was won over and with a look of total bemusement on my face…I still do not know why I like it.

Jericho” is up next and the guitar intro is beautiful and then it bursts into a full on anthemic rocker. At this point I realise I need to throw out any preconceptions of this band. Once the bursting guitars simmer it is left to Michael Rubin’s vocals to carry the song and tell a story. It reminded me of 30 Seconds to Mars with its soaring chants and I totally loved it, a song that is very modern but then you get the organ sorting that out.

Ya Mad” has the organ again and reminds me of the series and movie “Shaft”. I love my blues but far too often the keys are an afterthought but here they are in the forefront of the song and it is brilliant. This is more an indie track and for me the weakest but it is still so hooky, funky and plain fun.

We have another indie feel in the beginning of “ Shipwrecked” but the guitar is far to good for indie(I bet I get strung up for that statement). The chorus and vocal jousting is brilliant. It ends up a pure rocking masterpiece.

Wow, I was left breathless with this EP. Something old but so new, a slice of who the fuck knows what(best I can come up with, sorry) but just perfect. I hope I get to see this band live one day as I suspect they are just as colourful on the stage and the big questions…do they have canaries on stage? Do they dress up as canaries? Are they drunk? I need answers.


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