Neal Schon: Our streaming royalties for “Don’t Stop Believin'” are minuscule

JOURNEY guitarist Neal Schon has hit out at record companies for hoarding the lion’s share of profits from streaming services.

In a joint interview with Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott simulcast on Sirius XM and Facebook Live, the 63-year-old described his band’s share of revenue from the streaming of their 1981 hit “Don’t Stop Believin'” as “minuscule”.

“I’m OK in the fact that people can get it so easily – but I’m really not OK with the laws still,” said Schon. “I know that they’re working on them because we’ve got attorneys that are working on them.

“What is happening is that labels are doing really extremely well again, where they were going out of business.

“They’re doing well off our money. They’ve got these pads, three million dollar offices, signing bands, having money to mess around with.

“We’ve got one of the biggest songs ever in history. It’s in the top 10 of all those songs. We get paid but it’s a very minute and minuscule amount.”

The interview was convened to promote a 58-date North American tour by Journey and Def Leppard which begins on May 21.

Elliott was once again bullish about playing the Sheffield band’s heavier early material, saying:  “We will not play to the minority because if you stood in my shoes, neither would you.”

He said the band divided its repertoire into A, B and C lists in order of popularity – and that playing anything off the C list created problems with fans who become upset the track was performed at one venue and not another.

Elliott said a third band would be added only for stadium dates.

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