Choirboys Launch Search For ‘Jenny’ From ‘Run To Paradise’

OZ Rock icons The Choirboys have appealed to their fans to find “Jenny”, the main character in their signature song “Run To Paradise”.

“Run To Paradise” from the  Big Bad Noise album went to number three when it was released in 1987 but has had a longevity befitting residency at the top of the charts for months, becoming a mainstay of Australian pop culture over the 30 years since.

The second verse begins: “Jenny! I meet you at the grocery store. You don’t need a friend when you can score. You run to paradise.”

“Anyone know a Jenny Webber (that would be her maiden name), she would be in her 60s and is the ‘Jenny’ from Run To Paradise?” the band said on Facebook and Twitter this week.

In the comments section, one fans names a person whom they believe the song is about, while another suggests “Jenny” now works at the University Of Adelaide.

Singer Mark Gable told the Courier-Mail last year: “A lot of the characters in the song were an ­amalgam of different people I knew at the time but Jenny was real, a gorgeous girl who worked at David Jones’ Warringah Mallat the time I was working in Flemings super­market in the same shopping centre.

“I ­wangled a job at DJs as a window dresser just to get closer to her. It’s how we ultimately met … but she walked right past me after I said hello, then turned around and said ‘G’day’ in a really broad bogan ­accent. That was it. Illusion shattered … ”

While “Run To Paradise” has long been interpreted as being about heroin, Gable said: “It’s more about misspent youth, the waste I saw in the ’70s on the northern beaches of Sydney. It’s more about being on the dole, surfing instead of working, smoking dope and drinking, ­people getting trashed in pubs on the weekend.”

The search continues.



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