Eisley/Goldy “Blood, Guts and Games” – Album Review

Eisley/Goldy reunites former Guiffria members vocalist David Glen Eisley and guitarist Craig Goldy for their first album together under the Eisley/Goldy moniker, “Blood, Guts, And Games”.
The Eisley/Goldy sound might be best described as classic hard rock falling somewhere in the range of 1970s Whitesnake and Deep Purple.With Goldy, you get great riffs, Dio-like song structures and killer solos. Eisley brings a soulfulness with his voice that is sorely missing in a lot of todays artist.
Most of the songs are slow burning, with heavy riffs and a big drum feel. “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter,” right up through its final moments on “Believe in One Another”. The record is a flashback in the best of ways. Strong vocals and great guitar work almost always make for a good listen, and in this case if your mood calls for some 70’s rock …….it should most definitely hit the spot!

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter
I Don’t Belong Here Anymore
Lies I Can Live With
No More Prayers In The Night
Love Of The Game
Wings Of A Hurricane
Life, “If Only A Memory”
Soul Of Madness
Track Thirteen
Believe In One Another
PRODUCED BY : Craig Goldy & David Glen Eisley
Craig Goldy: Guitars & Lead Guitars, Keyboards & Bass
David Glen Eisley: All lead & Background Vocals, additional Guitars, Keyboards, Piano, Bass, Hammond
Ron Wikso: Drums

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