@Ironmaiden on @reddit Band members personal lives & extracurricular activities

Band members personal lives & extracurricular activities

So I've read Bruce's new book a couple of times now and it touches on the personalities of the other members, but not much. I found that odd considering how much time they spend together, but I guess the book is about Bruce, after all. So here's kind of what I've gathered from the book and rumors: (Feel free to add to this or correct me where I'm wrong)

Steve: The defacto totalitarian leader of the band. He calls all the shots and writes most of the music. (Or did pre-reunion) Seems like a bit of a no-nonsense kind of guy in terms of taking his career very seriously. Seems like he didn't partake in drugs/alcohol too heavily in the early days and instead focused all of his attention to the band. Avid football (soccer) fan, has a daughter that is (was?) a singer. Not sure if Lauren is still singing but she opened for Maiden when I saw them like 10 years ago.

Bruce: From what I've gathered he spent the 80's trying to find himself, and did so during his time working on his solo projects and flying in the 90's. Seriously, he seems a completely different person since leaving and rejoining Maiden. He seems to be not too thrilled about "what Steve says, goes" in terms on songwriting. Seems to have accepted being in Maiden as more of a job rather than a lifestyle. (As in he doesn't enjoy the rockstar lifestyle very much) Plenty of info in his book about his aviation and fencing careers, which I found extremely interesting. Much like Steve, doesn't appear he was big into drugs but definitely loves his beer.

Dave: Not much is said about him, which leads me to believe his relationship with Bruce isn't as solid. Tidbits in the book about Dave learning magic, as well as he and Adrian seem to be the primary drug users of the band in the 80's. (From what I've gathered at least)

Adrian: Again, not a lot said about him but he must have a good relationship with Bruce as he played guitar on a few of his solo albums.

Nicko: Not a lot said about him aside from he's quite a prankster and also shares a passion for aviation. Rumors online that he's quite the asshole, but I have yet to see an example of that.

Janick: Friend of Bruce, however, I don't have much info on him aside from Bruce gushing about the fact that he was a seasoned musician when they did Tattooed Millionaire.

That's really all I have and I'd like to know more. I've always wondered just how much drugs Maiden did in the 80's but Bruce really downplayed it. Any info about these guys please share your stories!

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