Def Leppard music will soon be available on streaming services, says Rick Allen

DEF Leppard drummer Rick Allen says an impasse which has kept much of the British band’s biggest-selling music off streaming services has been resolved.
Speaking on CNBC’s Squawk Box, Allen was asked why the likes of Hysteria and Pyromania were not being streaming in most parts of the world on most services.
“Our record company finally came to the table and we sorted out the digital rights and I hope that that will be available soon,” said Allen, who is in New York promoting his artworks.
“It’s been a personal annoyance of mine for a long time.
“When we first made a lot of these records, digital didn’t exist so there was never any provision put in there so we’re trying to work that out.”
In a later interview on Sirius XM, meanwhile, Allen was asked if he was concerned at Leppard’s continued snubbing by the Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame.
“No, I think if the fans put us on a pedestal, that’s good enough for me,” he answered. “I don’t need a board of directors or whatever to decide whether I should be up there or not.
“I mean that with all sincerity. Our fans have proved to us, they’ve show us over the years, time and time again, that they are so behind this band.
“To me, that’s all that matters.
“There is a certain amount of time lag, depending on who’s on the board, deciding who goes through or not. We don’t know the inner workings.”
Allen also revealed he would be selling art on the upcoming Monsters Of Rock cruise
The CSNBC chat can be streamed HERE

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