Why Pretty Boy Floyd Are Still Banned From Canada

LA ROCKERS Pretty Boy Floyd are planning a return to Australia this year, according to guitarist Kristy Majors – but they remain banned from Canada.

In an interview on Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon, Majors was asked about the band’s touring plans after releasing Public Enemies through Frontiers at the end of 2017.

“We’re looking to go over to South America, hopefully Australia and the UK and try and hit a little bit of the world in 2018,” said Majors.

But in the case of the great white north, PBF really are public enemies. They’ve not been able to enter for six years.

“We’re sort of on the black list and I’m not too sure … it would involve attorneys (to fix it),” Majors said.

“What happened was, we were supposed to play a festival in Calgary and we flew there and the promoter didn’t file any papers for us and he was supposed to file some sort of papers for us.

“So when we got there, they said ‘what are you doing here?’ and we said ‘we’re here to play a show’.

“They looked it up on the internet, they said ‘they’re serving alcohol they’re doing…’ this and that, ‘you have to have work permits for that’.

“We said ‘yeah, we’re supposed to have work permits waiting for us here’ and we didn’t so they put us in a holding tank there for a couple of hours and then they sent us back.”

In incident occurred in 2011; at the time bassist Chris Six on social media said three of the four members of Pretty Boy Floyd had also been denied entry because of misdemeanours in the US according to his own drink driving incident many years before.

Major continued: “So then we were supposed to go do three shows in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, something like that and I told the promoter, I said ‘if we’re going to come, you have to go down to the consulate or the embassy and make sure that we are approved to get in. We don’t want to waste everyone’s time’.

“We sent them all our passport information, everything. He went and said ‘you’re all good’ and we get off the plane and they said ‘oh, I see you tried to get into the country here illegally’. I said ‘no…’

“It can be resolved with a minister’s pardon but it’s an expensive, complicated task and you have to do it every single time that you want to come into the country.

“A misdemeanour over here is a felony and a threat to your society over there. They think we’re going to try to get into Canada and claim diplomatic immunity or something.”

Singer Steve Summers added: “We will get down to the embassy and we will get this sorted out.”

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