Tony MacAlpine’s Death Of Roses – All That Shreds Magazines Album Of The Year 2017

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By Andrew Catania

All That Shreds Magazine will be picking an Album Of The Year and Guitarist Of the Year.  The Guitarist Of The Year will be announced next week.

It’s very well documented on this site that I’ve followed Tony MacAlpine’s career from the days he was a student at the Hartt School of Music in Connecticut.  There were several releases in 2017 that were worthy of the title Album Of The Year.  Death of Roses stood out from them. As I wrote in my review

“Death Of Roses is the first in a 2-part release and the seven tracks are some of his most influential material yet and covers a lot of ground.  Tony continues his evolution with melodies energy loads, breathtaking stairs, odd and complicated rhythms, with sequencer scores performed by crazy, along with super torrents inspired and rich in pathos.”

Tony is a phenomenal musician.  It gives me great pleasure to choose Death of Roses by Tony MacAlpine for All That Shreds Magazines first Album Of The Year 2017.  You can order Death of Roses here

Follow Tony at his official site @

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