Face To Face 40th Anniversary Tour – Announced For 2018

Face To Face gave birth to a string of hits for The Angels including Take A Long Line which held it’s own in the charts for an amazing 29 weeks.

The album itself stayed in the charts for a year and a half and offered up other enduring life-long mainstays like Marseilles and Be With You.


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May – July – 2018
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The Angels - Face To Face - 40th Anniversary Tour - 2018

… more to the story.

It was 1978, our Face The Face album was released and could be heard  in backyards all over the country,” says Rick Brewster…. “The era of ‘pub rock’ had begun. Bands like Cold ChiselMidnight OilDivinylsFlowersRose Tattoo,
Mi‐Sex, we were all playing venues around the country filled to overflowing, seven nights a week

The Angels got the approval from the people that mattered most, the fans who jammed into the sweaty pubs to see them play, something that hasn’t wavered in the four and a half decades since the band’s inception.

The audiences were part of the process, because in almost all cases, we wrote the songs and played them onstage,” recalls John Brewster… “Everything we did was in front of people. It wasn’t hard to see what was going over well.”

Come Back & Do It All Again
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May – July – 2018

The Angels are an Australian rock band that formed in Adelaide, South Australia, in 1974. The band later relocated to Sydney and enjoyed huge local success, clocking up hit singles across four decades, including “Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again”, “Take a Long Line”, “Marseilles”, “Shadow Boxer”, “No Secrets”, “We Gotta Get Out of This Place”, “Let the Night Roll On”, and “Dogs Are Talking”. The Angels were cited by Guns N’ Roses and a number of Seattle grunge bands, including Pearl Jam and Nirvana, as having influenced their music. In the international market, to avoid legal problems with the Casablanca Records’ act Angel, their records were released under the names Angel City and later The Angels from Angel City. (wikipedia) Read on:

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